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Dr. Divakar Prasad Vidyarthy
1913 - 1962
M.A. (Patna), Ph.D.(London)
Professor of English
Principal, Bihar National College
Patna University, Bihar, India

These pages contain a small sample of the literary works of Dr. Vidyarthy.

  Born in a humble rural home of the Champaran district in North Bihar - the eldest son of a sub-inspector of police in British India - Dr. Vidyarthy, attained the highest education available in India at the time - Master of Arts in English. He also went on to obtain one of the highest academic honours from a British University - Ph.D. in English from the London University.

    Also, in his very short life he distinguished himself as a teacher and scholar of English, an able administrator, and a shining star in the newly emerging firmament of Hindi literature. He wrote in its various literary forms: short stories, poems, essays, travelogues, etc. At the invitation of the Government of India, he also translated into Hindi, various works of William Shakespeare.

  A small collection of his works, only a very small sample, is presented here.

  More details of this remarkable man, whose life was cut short in the prime of his career, is available here.

    He was my father, my idol !

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B. N. College Magazine

Prof Sitaram Prasad
Acharya Shivapujan Sahay
Dr. Jitendra Sahay
Dr. Ram Khelawan Pandey

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